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"but you're not afraid of me and i can't convince you that you don't know me."



I was going through my drafts and saw these:

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Skimmons || College Roommates AU, Part 1

Skye had gotten a scholarship to the university. Full ride. Everything paid for. All she had to do was show up and maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average. She arrived at the dormitory and took only a few minutes to set up her side of the room. She didn’t own much. That dorm room would be the first steady bed she’d had in a while.

She finished making the twin bed next to the window and sat on the edge of it. She looked over at the empty bed on the other side of the room. She wondered what her roommate would be like. And would they get along? Would she finally be able to make a friend that wouldn’t leave her? Skye was excited. But even more so, she was scared.

What she didn’t know was that her soon to be roommate, Jemma Simmons, was just as terrified. Jemma had watched as Skye walked into the room half an hour earlier. She had instantly felt something claw at her heart. She sat on the ground out in the hallway, trying to pull herself together. She knew she had to put on a brave face, something she wasn’t very good at. She needed to pretend that whatever she may have momentarily felt when she first saw the other girl was just a fluke. Nerves, maybe. It was a new school and a new environment after all. Or maybe it was something she had eaten earlier.

Jemma picked up her bags and walked into the room. Skye stood up, a grin gracing her face.

petition for chloe bennet and elizabeth henstridge to make out so we can gif it for skimmons purposes


When people complain that Buffy Summers is whiny or impulsive or annoying all I can think to say is:

  1. No. Stop.
  2. She’s 22 when Sunnydale falls into a pit do you understand me what were you doing when you were 22. Were you saving the world? That’s right I thought not.

So unless you had to kill your boyfriend at age 17 to save the world or throw yourself to your death to save your sister at age 20 you can just sit down or come help me build my Buffy Summers altar.

i still maintain that the first part of the pilot episode of studio 60 is probably the best nine and a half minutes of television out there


Skye + Elements


everyones like obsessed w eyebrows and im like. ive never done a thing to my eyebrows

my mom told me to never touch my eyebrows, so i’ve never done anything to them.

i’m gonna go ahead and pretentiously assume that everyone reblogging this has read “the library of babel” by jorge luis borjes.

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